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The Reliance Way

The Reliance Way is truly the business of helping people. It starts with me, Phil Gonzalez the founder of Reliance Roofing Inc., and it touches everyone that our organization comes into contact with. Even though we provide our customers with an exceptional Roofing System, our business is much more than that.

Ironically roofing is just a vehicle for us to reach people with and to impact them in the most positive way we can. For our employees, it is who we hire and why they work for us. We hire based on the desire to help people.  I believe that if you build an organization with people that have a desire to serve others, you are going to be able to not only serve your customers well, but also the people you work with, family, friends the list goes on. Everyone that works for me, wants to make others better.


Our culture is what sets us apart, the end result is a great experience and an amazing roofing system. I truly look forward to serving each one of you.

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